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Comfort Seal

Discover the Premiere Insulation Solution for Your Home

Insulating Your Attic to Your Basement...and Everything In Between

Stay Comfortable, protect your home, and protect your health with USA Insulation's Ultimate Comfort Seal. Take a look at our proven process to defend against costly and uncomfortable drafts below.

1. Out with the Old!

Our expert team removes all outdated insulation from your attic. Did you know that old cellulose can lead to dust, dirt, and mold?

2. Spray Foam Magic

Experience the difference as we apply a seamless layer of spray foam across your attic floor, eliminating unwanted airflows.

3. Comfort & Savings Upgrade

We add an additional layer of premium fiber wool insulation, ensuring optimal comfort levels in your home.

4. Efficient Walls with Injection Foam

Witness innovation as we inject our renowned USA Premium Foam® Insulation into your walls, boasting 35% greater efficiency compared to conventional methods.

5. Complete the Seal

Lastly, we insulate with closed-cell spray foam, a specialized solution resistant to mold and rot.

6. Ultimate Comfort Achieved!

Now we've completely sealed your home, keeping conditioned air in and outdoor out.

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